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Composting, Reusing and Collecting in the office

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Town/City: Etterbeek
Country: Belgium

About The Action Developer (the structure)

Name of structure/entity: ACR+

Type of structure/entity: Association/NGO,

Website: www.acrplus.org

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The EWWR Action Proposal

Themes Covered: Strict avoidance and reduction at source, Reuse and preparing for reuse, Waste sorting and recycling, PTD theme,

Description of the EWWR action:
For the EWWR, the ACR+ team has several activities planned: 1) Composting To reduce its waste, a few years ago the ACR+ team set up its own compost for its offices. Organic matter is taken down to the compost bin, thus reducing the amount of waste produced by the staff. During the EWWR, it will be time to harvest this high quality compost so that everyone can enjoy some for their own plants and gardens. This will also be a good opportunity to give explanations about composting and encourage everyone to start their own at home. Other people working in the same building will be invited to attend the presentation. 2) Reusing by starting a GiveBox In order to encourage tool sharing and the reuse of objects we no longer want, the team of ACR+ will set up a sharebox and a givebox in the dining room. Staff can place tools, such as bicycle pumps etc, in the sharebox for others to borrow when required. As you would for a library, a log will be kept to know where the various tools are, who borrowed them and when. Items which we no longer want, be it crockery, clothes, books, or anything else, can be placed in the givebox for up to 2 weeks. Anyone who wants an item in the givebox can simply help themselves to it. 3) Collecting WEEE How many of us have broken electric or electronic devices lying around at home, awaiting repair, donation, or a trip to the dump? Often, we have just one or two items, maybe just an old pair of earphones, an old phone, … not enough to be worth going to a recycling centre. At ACR+ we have therefore decided to make it easy for our colleagues: during the EWWR, they can bring their waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) to the office with them, and one of us will bring everything to the container park, so that it can be dismantled and properly treated. A list of WEEE will be shared with colleagues beforehand, along with tips in case the equipment can still be repaired.