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Less Waste - Better Life


Street: Antheon
Number: 72
Town/City: Athens
Postal code: 12461
Country: Greece

About The Action Developer (the structure)

Name of structure/entity: Naturefriends Greece

Type of structure/entity: Association/NGO

Website: https://zerowastegr.wordpress.com/

Contact preference: naturefriendsgreece@gmail.com

The EWWR Action Proposal

Themes Covered: Strict avoidance and reduction at source, Waste sorting and recycling

Dates of the proposed action: Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Description of the EWWR action:
Watch = Discuss about the movie Polluting Paradise (German: Der Müll im Garten Eden, also known as Garbage in the Garden of Eden) is a 2012 German documentary film directed by Fatih Akın. The film was screened in the Special Screenings section at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. It focuses on the Turkish village of Çamburnu in Sürmene, which has been turned into a rubbish dump by the government

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