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The EWWR Awards

The annual EWWR Awards ceremony is an event created to reward the most outstanding actions carried out in each EWWR edition. Each year, Coordinators, Action Developers and anyone interested in the EWWR gather during one evening to celebrate the EWWR and its participants. A Jury of European professionals working in the environmental sector selects finalists and winners amongst all the many inspiring EWWR actions! The Awards are an amazing opportunity to put the spotlight on some of the EWWR most committed Action Developer.

The EWWR Awards Ceremony

In the past, EWWR Awards ceremonies have taken place in Brussels (2018 and 2017), Barcelona (2016), Brussels (2015), Budapest (2014) and Rome (2013).

The EWWR rewards one action from each of the following categories:

Additionally, a European Special Prize will be awarded to the action that best contributed to a European spirit, for instance by organising cross-country collaboration on waste reduction.

Selection Process

Action Developers interested in entering their action into the review and selection process for the EWWR Awards have to indicate so on the registration form. This allows them to share the best aspects of their actions. After each edition of the EWWR, each Coordinator then pre-selects a maximum of 6 great actions that took place in their area (one per category).

The pre-selection is based on the following criteria:

The Jury

The EWWR Jury is composed of personalities from the environmental sector who are recognised at the European level, as well as professionals in the field of waste management. They are in charge of examining the shortlisted actions (those pre-selected by the EWWR Coordinators) and of designating a winner in each of the 5 categories, according to the above-mentioned criteria.

Discover the jury for the EWWR Awards 2019:

Trophies of the EWWR 2019 Awards - by Atelier Manuel
Trophies of the EWWR 2019 Awards - by Atelier Manuel

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