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The European Week for Waste Reduction - The success story continues

The European Week for Waste Reduction has officially entered a new phase starting on the 1st of July 2017, one in which it is led by the EWWR Steering Committee (ESC).

The EWWR Steering Committee was set up to coordinate, spread and promote the EWWR. The members of the ESC finance the coordination of the EWWR and take the major decisions regarding the campaign. For instance they decide on the EWWR awards ceremony, the annual thematic focus or the communication strategy.

For 2020, the members of the EWWR Steering Committee are:

Becoming member of the ESC: What are the benefits?
  • Being part of a network that promotes and upholds authentic actions towards waste reduction, reuse and recycling;
  • Getting more visibility across Europe (EWWR website and all EWWR communication);
  • Shaping the future development of the EWWR;
  • Setting the annual thematic focus of the EWWR;
  • Deciding on the location of the EWWR awards ceremony;
  • Collaborating on waste prevention, reuse, and recycling with leading public authorities and exchanging ideas and strategies;
  • Being part of the Steering Committee of one of the biggest European initiatives on waste the 3Rs.

Help us achieve the EWWR aim of raising awareness about waste reduction! Be part of the EWWR Steering Committee!

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