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EWWR Training Session #10

On 15 July, the EWWR Secretariat held an online workshop during which our experienced coordinators Mireia Padros Tremoleda from the Catalan Waste Agency and Colette Caruana from Wasteserv Malta spoke about their experience organising EWWR campaigns. The workshop was meant to help new EWWR coordinators get started and to answer some of their questions.

Source: www.pexels.com
Source: www.pexels.com

The panelists covered a series of topics during the session, including:

- How and when to promote EWWR at the local level using a variety of channels (media,social media, mailings, seminars/ workshops);

- How to register actions using the EWWR registration tool (for more details, check out this guide on how to register actions);

- How to make use of the generic and thematic communications tools that the EWWR Secretariat makes available (and develop your own);

- And lastly, how to inspire others with ideas for actions (here, the advice ran the gamut from creating a local website and uploading factsheets and activity sheets there to using some of the EWWR toolkits available in 8 languages).

Aside from these topics, the two coordinators shared specific tips that proved very useful to inspire local stakeholders to takepart in EWWR in their experience. Among them were the organisation of an EWWR awards ceremony locally and suggesting that businesses carry out waste audits (Malta) and undertaking training sessions for those interested and making sure that action developers communicate their initiatives well on social media and other channels (Catalonia).

For more information and to download the audio recording of the webinar, please visit the EWWR website.

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