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#EWWRAwards finalists || Business • Hertel Hähnchen

The EWWR Awards finalists have been announced! In each category the Jury has selected their top 3 finalists. The winners will be revealed on 22 May in Brussels during the EWWR Awards Ceremony. To find out more about the finalists, their initiative and commitment for waste reduction, we have caught up with them for a short interview.

1 • What is the “Unpacked - directly into the pot” campaign about?

Our brand Hertel Hähnchen sells rotisserie chicken and other rotisserie meats, salads and baked goods. Under the name “Unpacked - directly into the pot” we asked our customers to bring their pots to the Food Trucks with flyers, a note on our homepage and a specially made video. The participation in the campaign was particularly well received by our customers during the European Week for Waste Reduction. But even after the event, we were able to convince some chicken buyers to take the grilled goods with them in the pot and support our ongoing campaign. The proceeds from the packaging material that we were able to save were donated to the NABU project “Oceans without plastic” in December 2017.

We hope that the campaign will continue to be very well received and we intend to focus increasingly on waste avoidance and the search for alternative packaging options for our products over the next few years.

2 • How did you come across this idea?

Our customers all fancy a good, traditional dish with few ingredients that he or she can eat right at home. Accordingly, our packaging must keep the food warm for at least 30 minutes and the gravy should remain with the product and not leak out. That is why we have been using composite materials for packaging for decades: paper on the outside, film on the inside. While it meets all requirements and is space-saving, it is not ecologically optimal.

We’ve tried other solutions: Bags made of corn starch, for example: Sounds great, but the ecological balance of these bags is worse than that of our existing packaging. Our favorite: bagasse packaging - a waste product from sugar production. It keeps warm but not tight and it is very voluminous: We don’t have enough space in our food trucks for the many boxes that would be necessary!
We started looking for reusable containers: there are lunch boxes made of stainless steel with heat accumulators. But they only come in round shape! And a ½ Chicken is oval. We were wondering if anyone would be willing to buy expensive custom-made product. Honestly, we wouldn’t be! Our cupboards are full! Full of pots, pots in all imaginable sizes! The solution was so simple from the beginning and therefore so right that we knew that we could inspire many customers with it. Just bring one of your own pots to the stand!

3 • Why is waste reduction important for your organisation?

As a company, we are happy as we have to buy less packaging and save money. Customers are happy as all they have to throw away after dining are bones. The municipalities that permit sales locations to us are also delighted because many of them have taken up the cause of waste reduction. And as mothers and fathers, we are delighted that we are making a small contribution to our children’s inheritance of an intact environment.

4 • Where can we find you?

Website: https://hertel-haehnchen.de

Social media: www.facebook.com/hertelhaehnchen

Register for the Awards Ceremony here and join us in Brussels to discover who the winners will be!

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