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#EWWRAwards finalists || Business • OPEL España

The EWWR Awards finalists have been announced! In each category the Jury has selected their top 3 finalists. The winners will be revealed on 22 May in Brussels during the EWWR Awards Ceremony. To find out more about the finalists, their initiative and commitment for waste reduction, we have caught up with them for a short interview.

1 • What is your action “Environmental awareness for workers and contractors” about?

Achieving excellence in environmental and energy management requires the involvement of the entire organization. This is why Opel España and the Zaragoza plant participate and support different initiatives in order to develop environmental awareness among its employees, contractors, suppliers and students.

We have been involved in the European Week for Waste Reduction since 2013 and during the last EWWR in 2017 we organized a full week of different environmental awareness activities on various waste prevention themes, such as:

2 • How did you come across this idea?

Opel España and Zaragoza plant are making great efforts to engage our stakeholders, including our employees, to promote the sustainability agenda. To assure landfill-free status and reduce waste we have developed a strategy that comprises different stages and one of them is employees’ empowerment. Our employees are key. For that reason, we decided to celebrate the EWWR and involve employees, contractors, suppliers, grantees and students of the plant in the campaign.

3 • Why is waste reduction important for your organisation?

Waste reduction for us means safeguarding our land and building a better future for the community in which we operate. It is one of the commitments of the Opel/Vauxhall Environment and Energy Policy. For this reason we have defined waste reduction targets. Employee training and awareness raising campaigns together with a strong network of recycling partners and suppliers helped the facility to achieve its waste reduction and recycling goals.

Additionally Opel España and Zaragoza plant has implemented outstanding initiatives that support strongly circular economy through waste management and industrial symbiosis. In 2014, our company achieved landfill-free status, that is: recycling, reusing or transforming the waste generated in daily operations into energy instead of sending it to landfill for disposal.

4 • Where can we find you?

Website: www.opel.es

Social media: @Opel_Spain | @OpelSpain

Register for the Awards Ceremony here and join us in Brussels to discover who the winners will be!

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