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#EWWRAwards finalists || NGO • Bluepingu e.V.

The EWWR Awards finalists have been announced! In each category the Jury has selected their top 3 finalists. The winners will be revealed on 22 May in Brussels during the EWWR Awards Ceremony. To find out more about the finalists, their initiative and commitment for waste reduction, we have caught up with them for a short interview.

1 • What is “Be a Frängaroo - always bring your bag with you!” about?”

Our aim is to encourage people to reuse their bags and coffee-to-go mugs on a daily basis in bakeries and coffee shops. To make this simple and fun we created bags and mugs with our Franconian marsupial the “Fränguru” (Frängaroo) and distributed them for free in a number of shops and bakeries. The success of our little project has already resulted in a number of requests to repeat the campaign also in other regions. Thus, we are working on our next actions!

2 • How did you come across this idea?

In early 2017 we launched our “Zero Waste Group” in Nuremberg and were deliberating about our first project. Suddenly we realized that even though many people use tote bags, they use additional disposable bags for bread and baked goods. So we wanted to find a fashionable and smart way to change this. From this moment on, the idea evolved quickly: We found a local producer of eco-fair bags. Together with the artist Gymmick we developed the design of the Franconian marsupial, our “Frängaroo”. Then the bags were printed with plant-based, food safe water colours and we constructed the stand-up display with a laser cutter on our own. As far as the production of our mugs is concerned, the process and motivation were similar.

3 • Why is waste reduction important for your organisation?

We want to show that taking action and having fun do not contradict each other. All resources are precious and thus should be used as long as possible. We are affected by the impact of tons of toxic plastic that harm the ecosystem, wildlife and ourselves. We have to do something against this massive pollution, and we have to do it now! We believe in the idea of a zero-waste-society. Everything produced should become earth again or should be completely recycled at the end of its lifecycle.

4 • Where can we find you?

Website: www.bluepingu.de

Social media: @BluepinguFranken | @ZeroWasteNUE | @Bluepingu | @bluepingu_nuernberg

Register for the Awards Ceremony here and join us in Brussels to discover who the winners will be!

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