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#EWWRAwards finalists || Public Administration • City of La Louvière

The EWWR Awards finalists have been announced! In each category the Jury has selected their top 3 finalists. The winners will be revealed on 22 May in Brussels during the EWWR Awards Ceremony. To find out more about the finalists, their initiative and commitment for waste reduction, we have caught up with them for a short interview.

1 • What is “La LouvièR³: zero waste objective” about

For several years, the City of La Louvière has been committed to implementing a responsible policy of waste reduction by investing in actions and awareness campaigns in terms of prevention, re-use and recycling. Within the context of the EWWR 2017, the Environment Department proposed to provide information, advice and tips, thereby enabling citizens to produce less waste when shopping without diminishing their “comfort”. To do this, the Environment Department organised the week around the R³ approach: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The activities focused on four aspects:

2 • How did you come across this idea?

La Louvière has been active in the field of waste prevention since 2000. This makes it a long-term project, targeting the general public as well as pupils, public administrators and businesses. Within this framework, the city’s environment service regularly communicates the importance of waste reduction, organises various awareness raising campaigns, trainings as well as projects. The idea to organise the “La LouvièR³: zero waste objective!” was conceived step-by-step by organising those different activities. La Louvière wanted to promote waste reduction by accentuating waste prevention during this single week.

The photographs of the pollution of the river Citarum and documentaries on the topic helped us to realize the serious problem in which the planet is today. Therefore, we decided that it would be a good idea to see our students committed, aware and working with a shared purpose: the protection of the environment, since “everything is possible if we believe in it”. We were sure that all of these actions would not only have an impact on the students but also motivate the teachers, families, towns and villages around the school. Our aim is that all the activities result in a lasting behavioural change.

3 • Why is waste reduction important for your organisation?

Waste reduction is important for the city of La Louvière because it reduces the impact of waste on the environment by encouraging citizens to change their habits in a sustainable way. With waste prevention we can avoid the environmental impacts due to waste treatment but also extends the product life-cycle. It also contributes to reducing health impacts associated with the production and management of certain waste materials. Lastly, it allows citizens to have a better quality of life.

4 • Where can we find you?

Website: www.lalouviere.be

Social media: Facebook | Twitter

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