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#EWWRAwards winner || European Special Pize • Eurodistrikt Strasbourg-Ortenau

The EWWR Awards finalists have been announced! In each category the Jury has selected their top 3 finalists. The winners were revealed on 22 May in Brussels during the EWWR Awards Ceremony. Right after the ceromy, we caught up with the winner of the European Special Prize to learn more about their initiative, motivation to organise the cross-border action and commitment for waste reduction.

1 • What is the action “Coffee-to-go-nochemol” about?

It is a project on reusable coffee cups in the Eurodistrikt Strasbourg-Ortenau. First and foremost it is a communication campaign aiming to raise awareness among clients and vendors on the negative environmental effects caused by single-use coffee-to-go cups. The project consisted of two key elements: the communication kit and the development of hygiene recommendations.

In terms of communications, the project team developed a common slogan: “coffee-to-go-nochemol”. “Nochemol” means “again” in the Alsatian and Alemannic dialects. After a close consideration of environmental, health and social aspects they also created a “Eurodistrict cup”. It was distributed to interested vendors and citizens.

In addition to this, the project team carried out a survey among vendors of “coffee-to-go” in order to find out if they would accept reusable cups for their coffee. The survey revealed that the main barrier was doubts concerning hygiene. Thereby, the hygiene recommendations were written in close cooperation with safety offices in both countries, France and Germany, and with representatives of the bakers’ guilds. This was an essential achievement for comforting vendors of coffee-to-go to accept reusable coffee cups.

The project was developed by the Eurodistrict together with all environmental managers of its member cities and representatives of the bakers’ guilds. The aim was to find a way on how to reduce waste caused by one-way coffee cups on the common German-French territory. The interest in the project was very high and during the project, more partners joined.

2 • Why is waste reduction important for your area?

The trend of taking coffee-to-go instead of sitting down and enjoying it in the cafe is steadily increasing. In Germany alone, 2.8 billions of coffee-to-go-cups are sold yearly. This represents 40,000 tons of waste for an item which is used for approximately 15 minutes.

3 • What encouraged you to organise a cross-border action?

The problem of waste concerns everyone. Despite the fact that in France the trend is not as advanced as in Germany, the bakers’ guilds wanted to take pre-emptive measures before “bad habits” are formed and anchored everywhere. Moreover, the approach allowed us to enforce the common identity of the Eurodistrict by using a slogan for the campaign in the regional dialect.

4 • How did you come across this idea?

We were inspired by other actions, such as those developed in Munich and in Freiburg, and chose the best elements from other approaches.

5 • Where can we find you?

Website: www.eurodistrict.eu

Social media: Facebook | Twitter

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