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Meet the #EWWR Coordinators: the Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises team

Please introduce yourselves briefly.

The Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises (HAEE) represents the Hungarian Green Industry. Thanks to our 240 members, we have a huge outreach and network in the country. We organise conferences and workgroup meetings on current issues like waste management, awareness-raising, remediation, environmental measurements and sampling, air quality protection, sewage sludge treatment and sewage management. Our main Fair, The ÖKOINDUSTRIA Green Expo will take place in Budapest in November 2020.

Our association has also founded the Awards for Environmental Protection, a yearly occurrence aimed at promoting the most responsible and environmentally conscious companies and experts in Hungary.

The EWWR team at the Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises
The EWWR team at the Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises

What’s the story behind your participation in the EWWR?

Our association was officially invited to be the country coordinator by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology this year. It is a great honor to represent the Hungarian actions in the EWWR. Our team’s favourite task is awareness raising, so we are very motivated to use our network countrywide. We participated in previous editions of the EWWR in a wide variety of roles, so we know how to motivate target groups and how to make them eager to participate.

What are some actions organised in Hungary that stand out to you?

We would like to highlight four projects that are being carried out this year and that stand out to us.

How is EWWR 2019 going in Hungary?

This year’s campaign is going very well thanks to our regional Green Leaders. With their support and enthusiastic work, we have been able to involve all the regions in Hungary in the EWWR. The map of actions shows how well the campaign is balanced. We managed to register 411 actions, so we are very satisfied and looking forward to seeing these actions being carried out. Beyond the numbers, we believe that the quality of our communications is an even better indicator. We hope that, thanks to it, the projects that will be implemented will be continued for a long time and become part of everyday life.

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