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Let’s Clean Up Europe 2018: a successful campaign gathers more than 800,000 participant

A record number of 16,447 actions were organised in the span of a 4-month period during this year’s Let’s Clean Up Europe! (LCUE) campaign. Held between 1 March and 30 June 2018, it united at least 800,000 participants under one goal - to clean up our environment from litter. One of the highlights of this year’s campaign was that it extended its reach beyond the European Union, as actions were registered also in Andorra, Albania, and Switzerland.

During the campaign, thousands of initiatives led by public entities, NGOs, schools, private companies, associations, and individuals contributed to collecting at least 2,000 tonnes of waste. This impressive result was reached by 23 European countries working together. All initiatives were supported by the national and regional coordinators, who provided assistance to volunteers as well as disseminated various communication materials.

Lasting for four months, the peak period of the campaign was reached in the beginning of May. Following the celebration of Europe Day on 9 May, the highest number of actions were recorded during the second weekend of the month.

To bring all the actions together, all coordinators, action developers, and participants are invited to share the pictures of their LCUE 2018 actions and participate in the Facebook photo contest organised by the Let’s Clean Up Europe Secretariat.

For more detailed data about the campaign, read the final Press Release.

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