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EWWR Awards | Meet the finalists in the educational establishment category

The 2019 Garden Party designed by Slow Food International features ten actions that can be carried out at home or at school to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Among them are reusing tableware and napkins, eating unpackaged snacks, finishing the vegetables on one’s plate, eating local and seasonal fruit and eating leftovers.

The aim of the year-long initiative is to transform good practices into good habits and to rally the participation of parents and families, in addition to the students. The campaign organised in Italian schools counted with the participation of 21,000 students from 246 institutions.

Read more https://www.slowfood.it/educazione/orto-in-condotta/

Hotelschool The Hague’s participation in the EWWR 2019 consisted of three challenges. The first consisted of incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals in general and food waste prevention specifically (SDG12.3) as the educational framework for its practical and theoretical education courses.

The second consisted of collaborating with 31 local restaurants in order to reduce food waste during EWWR 2019. The result of this action – the HoReCa food waste challenge – was a 21% reduction in the food waste generated by participating venues. The third and last challenge consisted of nudging students using various communication tools in order to minimise the number of disposable paper cups they were using.

  • Raising awareness from “El Vallín” High School implemented by “El Vallín” High School in Asturias, Spain

An escape room where the challenge was to deactivate a virus brought about by poor waste management, a digital comic book about waste, surveys about waste-related behaviours in different neighbourhoods, and the construction of a recycled greenhouse are some of the 13 activities that this Asturian high school organised to celebrate EWWR 2019. Some 400 students participated in the initiatives – and shared their learnings about waste prevention with their families, we hope.

Visit the website: https://vallinlimpio.wixsite.com/xixon

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