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Waste education and communication: change your ways, reduce your waste!

The Thematic Focus for 2019 is waste education and communication. Along with policymakers, producers and other stakeholders, consumers play a key role in solving the waste-related and other sustainability challenges of our time. Having access to information based on scientific evidence and adapting one’s daily habits to reflect it are essential to the prevention of waste in our society. But, for that to happen, wide-ranging behavioural change is needed.

EWWR 2019 challenges you to change your behaviour and to also teach others about waste prevention by staging inspiring communication and education activities! Our slogan for this year: Change your ways, Reduce your waste calls on children and adults, citizens and businesses, authorities and non-governmental organisations alike to take action by changing their own habits first and inspiring others to follow suit.

The compilation of factsheets, tip sheets, posters and infographics below is meant to help EWWR action developers organise waste education and communication initiatives to encourage everyone to #ReduceYourWaste. They will provide you with general information, as well as tips on how to implement these activities. Also included are interesting external resources that could serve as sources of inspiration for a wide array of activities. Stay tuned, since we will develop more tools related to this topic and will continue to update this page!

You can learn more about the thematic focus of previous EWWR editions at this link.

Factsheets and infographic


Two promotional posters have been developed especially for this year’s theme. You can download their English versions here (Poster 1 in jpeg and pdf and Poster 2 in jpeg and pdf) to start inspiring others to change their habits straightaway!

The posters are also available in: German (Poster 1 and Poster 2); Italian (Poster 1 and Poster 2); Catalan (Poster 1 and Poster 2); Spanish (Poster 1 and Poster 2); Greek (Poster 1 and Poster 2 + additional tools in Greek: Reusable Cup ; Reusable bag); Portuguese (Poster 2)

More versions of the posters in different languages will follow in the weeks to come.


The EWWR promotional video on the topic of waste reduction is available in 25 languages. Check out our YouTube playlist to find it in your language.

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