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The EWWR Bulletin 5

Prevention Thematic Days 2016 - Packaging Waste Reduction: Use-less packaging!

Prevention Thematic Days 2016 - Packaging Waste Reduction: Use-less packaging!

The 8th edition of the EWWR will take place from 19 to 27 of November 2016. We are glad to announce the theme of this year’s Prevention Thematic Days: Packaging waste reduction: Use-less packaging!” More content will be added on the page soon.

Packaging waste is a critical issue. Why? Because there is too much packaging! On one side it does sometimes make our life easier but on the other side it puts a lot of pressure on our environment. Packaging is everything from bottles, boxes, cans, cartons, sacks and wraps – all that is used to contain, preserve, promote and/or protect an article. Packaging that can be avoided but is eventually used leads to resource consumption and production of waste. So do we really need to put everything in a wrap or box? Especially when it will just be thrown away a few hours later! Surely bananas do not need another layer of protection! This is why the issue of packaging needs our attention. Let’s reduce our consumption!

To inspire and help EWWR Action Developers in implementing actions related to Packaging Waste reduction, the EWWR Secretariat has developed a number of tools and factsheets. If you are new to the EWWR have no fear because these contain detailed steps and how to’s. Of course, everyone is free to get creative and also to read factsheets from previous years for even more insights and ideas.

Let’s all work together and Use-less packaging! You can find more information on this year’s Prevention Thematic Days here.

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