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The EWWR Bulletin 6

Prevention Thematic Days. Packaging Waste Reduction: Use Less Packaging!

Prevention Thematic Days. Packaging Waste Reduction: Use Less Packaging!

Every year, the European Week for Waste Reduction selects a theme in relation to waste prevention, a priority in the waste hierarchy. These themes are the Prevention Thematic Days. This year all eyes are on packaging waste reduction because it is a critical issue for the environment. Although it does make our life easier, overconsumption of packaging can have a critical impact on our environment. Packaging that could be avoided, but is still used, leads to resource consumption and produces waste so let’s “Use Less Packaging!” Under this framework, the EWWR tries to gather attention on the best possible solution to reduce waste, because the best waste is that which is not produced! In previous years, we decided to focus on: Reuse, Food Waste and Dematerialisation.

Take a second to go through your daily activities, how much packaging do you use? At home, while cleaning and cooking, at work while carrying out your tasks or taking a coffee break, and most of all while shopping. Overwhelming? We agree but no worries, the EWWR is here for you. Thanks to our infographics and our inspiring factsheets, discover simple ways to reduce your packaging waste! By adopting easy habits such as carrying a reusable bag with you, or avoiding single use items, you can reduce your packaging waste and have a more positive impact on our environment.

During the EWWR develop a water bar to raise awareness about how bottled water, convince your local coffee shop to implement a reusable cup system or organise a zero waste lunch trying to avoid packaging waste as much as possible . There are many possibilities! Nevertheless everyone is free to get creative so please don’t hesitate to register your own great ideas! And impress the world with your solutions to Use Less Packaging!

You can find all our materials here: We also invite you to download and share the promotional poster. Let us know if you like it!

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